The REANIMATOR ICO team is truly global, with team members and advisors from across the world. At present, the head office is located in Tallinn, Estonia. The company will be registered in Berlin, Germany.
The main purpose of the REANIMATOR ICO is to create the WORLD'S FIRST transparent system of film budgeting and revenue evaluation - the blockchain platform CRYPTOMOVIE. This will protect the creators of future cinema projects (film production companies, studios, and producers) from international box office fraud. Tickets for any film will be available for purchase online for RNM tokens: a) at the CRYPTOMOVIE website with payment in RNM b) via the CRYPTOMOVIE mobile app with payment in RNM, by credit card, or using an electronic wallet. For each movie ticket purchase paid for with REANIMATOR, the buyer will be rewarded with RNM tokens, which can be exchanged for fiat money at digital exchanges or used to buy more movie tickets. This way, RNM tokens will allow to identify each ticket sale and record it instantaneously on the blockchain, eliminating any possibility of box office fraud. For more details, please refer to the White Paper.
The cost of the tokens RNM ERC20 will depend on the profit from the box office fees for the REANIMATOR film and the license sale of the blockchain platform CRYPTOMOVIE.
CRYPTOMOVIE is a blockchain-based platform aimed at film studios and production companies. CRYPTOMOVIE will be installed at individual cinemas to prevent misreporting of tickets sales and box office revenue.Thanks to the CRYPTOMOVIE app, anyone will be able to buy tickets online for any film and any cinema equipped with the blockchain platform CRYPTOMOVIE. The platform will also allow any film production company, as well as the general public, to see - once again, online and recorded on the blockchain - how many tickets for a certain film have been sold, sorted by country, city, or cinema chain. CRYPTOMOVIE is an ecosystem formed by business in the cinema industry. With each new cinema joining the CRYPTOMOVIE ecosystem, the demand for RNM tokens will rise and their liquidity will grow, pushing up the token's price. CRYPTOMOVIE is so convenient, fast, and simple, that even children will be able to buy online movie tickets in just minutes, while any movie theater manager will be able to link the sales counter's API to the CRYPTOMOVIE platform. This is the most affordable and universal blockchain platform designed for the cinema industry - one that destroys barriers between production and distribution companies and removes the red tape and limitations imposed by the outdated, rigid systems of box office revenue calculation. CRYPTOMOVIE means the freedom for us all to create our future right here, right now. The CRYPTOMOVIE app will be available for download for Windows, iOS and Android starting in December 2019.
CRYPTOMOVIE is built using decentralization technologies, while all the existing systems use centralized records, which can be easily faked.
A blockchain is a decentralized database that is not connected to any central server. Such a database stores an ever-growing list of ordered records called blocks. Each block has a time marker and a link to the previous block.
A smart contract is a program code that automatically executes certain commands once a set of predefined conditions is realized. In order for smart contracts to operate, a decentralized environment is required, eliminating the human factor; in order for payments to be transferred by means of smart contracts, a cryptocurrency has to be used.
A cryptocurrency (also known as tokens or coins) is a means of payment protected using cryptographic technologies. Such currency has no physical equivalent to back it and exists solely in virtual space. Tokens cannot be counterfeited, since they are essentially units of protected information that cannot be copied (the use of cryptography has given rise to the term "cryptocurrency").
The REANIMATOR ICO will be held on the project's official website at https://reanimator.io/uslovia-investirovania/ - simply follow the instruction published on the site.
The ICO will begin on February 26, 2018, at 14:00 GMT (17:00 Moscow time) and end on March 26, 2018, at 14:00 GMT (17:00 Moscow time).
The token price during the main ICO round is set at 1 ETH = 6500 RNM. However, singificant bonuses are available for our early investors in accordance with the Ethereum smart contract: Feb 26 - Mar 3: 50 % (1 ETH = 13.000 RNM) March 3-10: 25 % March 10-17: 15% March 17-26: 0 %
RNM tokens comply with the ERC20 standard are are issued on the Ethereum blockchain. Token holders can easily store and use their RNM using existing Ethereum clients, including official Ethereum wallets, Mist, MyEtherWallet.com.
No; since RNM tokens are based on the Ethereum blockchain, you will need an Ethereum wallet address to receive and store RNM. You can use the following Ethereum wallets: the official Ethereum wallet, Mist, MyEtherWallet.com or any other wallets that provide access to your private key. Do not send Ether to pay for RNM tokens from any digital exchange accounts; cryptocurrency exchanges do not give you access to your private keys, so you will not be able to access your RNM tokens either!
No. Unfortunately, during to the current U.S. regulations, citizens of the United States cannot participate in the REANIMATOR token sale. You can take part in the ICO if you are not a U.S. citizen or resident and if you do not reside in Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, or any other territories under the U.S. control.
RNM tokens are transferred automatically by means of an Ethereum smart contract. The REANIMATOR smart contract is published on GitHub and is free to access.
We are in talks with a number of leading cryptocurrency exchanges (such as https://yobit.net and https://www.livecoin.net ) to get the REANIMATOR token listed. Our tokens will be based on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC20 standard) and available for transfer and exchange almost immediately after the completion of the REANIMATOR ICO.
No there won't. Additional emission is impossible according to the rtr smart contract terms. Thus we can limit the number of RNM tokens on the market, causing their market value to grow and, as a consequence, the capitalization of the rtr project to increase.
All members of the rtr ICO team are ambitions and highly experienced professionals with a desire to build something new and transform the global cinema industry into something completely new and much greater. We will have to compete with such large distribution companies as the Central Partnership in Russia, KARO, and 21st Century Fox in Russia, the U.S., and China, Paramount, Universal, and Disney. All these giants are severely outdated, but they have large audiences and a large network of connections. By contrast, we - a young, proud, and confident team of film directors, IT developers, engineers, producers, and managers - strongly believe in our revolutionary idea - the CRYPTOMOVIE platform. We are certain that in the long term, success is guaranteed. We do realize that it may turn out to be a prolonged and difficult struggle, but luckily we have what it takes - will, strength, and perseverance. The popularity of ICOs as an investment tool will help us raise enough funds to acquire a significant share of the market and eventually become its leader. The REANIMATOR crowdsale will not only provide us with the necessary investments but will also attract the attention of the media and help us build a community that will support us as we move towards our goal.
Almost all the funds raised during the REANIMATOR ICO will be allocated for the development of the CRYPTOMOVIE blockchain platform. This development plan includes not just the creation of the software itself but also a large marketing campaign and the commercialization of the platform, which will replace the old system of box office calculations presently used by film distributors. The preliminary allocation plan is as follows: 55% - CRYPTOMOVIE blockchain platform marketing campaign, 9% - REANIMATOR ICO team salaries, 22% - post-production of the test movie REANIMATOR, 10% - CRYPTOMOVIE software development, 2% - REANIMATOR ICO bounty campaign, 2% - unforeseen expenses. One should realize that the final allocation scheme will depend on the amount of investment raised during the ICO. If the value is very low or very high, the percentage points will be adjusted, and all crowdsale participants will be informed of the final allocation scheme.
RNM tokens can be sold at digital exchanges and trading platforms, just like any other cryptocurrency.
You will store your RNM tokens in your personal Ether wallet.
No. All you need is a personal Ethereum wallet - offical, Mist, or MyEtherWallet.com
Yes, RNM tokens can be stored in your Ethereum wallet; you can receive and send tokens using your wallet, too (among the accepted wallets are myetherwallet.com, Ethereum Wallet, and Mist).
You can buy Ethereum coins online at cryptocurrency exchanges (if you are registered there). The best exchange rates can usually be found at digital exchanges, such as www.exmo.me, www.coinbase.com (which has its own mobile wallet for buying and selling BitCoins and Ether) or at online cryptocurrency exchanges, for example https://www.bestchange.com or https://www.bestchange.ru
In order to add the token, you need to enter the following smart contract address: 0x64cf4C819A92A15C57B96F63d04e51b1a9AB6031, name = RNM.
a) Go to www.myetherwallet.com, set a password and click Create New Wallet. IMPORTANT: only choose a password that you will not forget, since it is impossible to restore in case of loss! Write it down and store it in a safe place. If your investment is very large, you might consider storing your password in a bank safe. b) On the next screen, you will be prompted to save your secure private key. It is like an electronic safe key; the private key together with the password provide access to your wallet and the funds stored on the blockchain. Click Download Keystore File and save it. Store this file in a safe location - better offline - and make sure to make a copy; c) Click "I understand. Continue"; d) On the next screen, you will be presented with an non-secure verson of your private key; anyone who has it can gain access to your wallet, including criminals. Print out the key and store it in a safe place (like a bank vault). Then click "Save your address". e) The final step is to find out the address of your wallet. There are two options to do it: - Select Keystore File (UTC/JSON), enter the pathway to the secure key file (from step b) and enter the password you have created in step a). If the entered data is correct, you will be redirected to your wallet page and see its address and balance. - Select Private Key; you will need to enter your non-secure private address, and you will not be asked for your password. This method is not secure, and thus we don't recommend it! You need to store your key in a safe place offline and use it only for emergencies. f) Now that you have a wallet, all you need to do buy Ether at exchanges and markets is to enter your wallet number and complete the purchase (the exact purchasing instructions are different for each site). The Ether you buy will be sent to your wallet.
No human being can give a 100% guarantee of anything; however, we can guarantee that we will invest 100% of our effort and skill into achieving all our goals: a great box office performance for the film REANIMATOR and successful sales of the CRYPTOMOVIE license.