Advantages of the CRYPTOMOVIE blockchain platform over traditional methods of calculating box office results


The diagram includes the largest film distribution companies in Europe, the U.S., China, and Russia


  • RUSSIA: Centrali Partnership — the largest film and TV distributor in Russia
  • EUROPE: UCI — the largest cinema chain in Europe
  • CHINA: State-owned company China Media Capital
  • S.: AMC Theatres — the largest cinema chain in the U.S.

А) Data on the box office and number of sold tickets can be easily falsified in order not to transfer the due percentage of the box office sales to the film production company.

Such fraud is impossible with the blockchain platform CRYPTOMOVIE.

  1. B) None of these distributors provide an open source code that would allow their online API to be accessed from individual cinemas. The code of the CRYPTOMOVIE blockchain platform will be available to all at
  2. C) All the distributors on the list have centralized box office records that are not recorded on a blockchain. By contrast, with the CRYPTOMOVIE platform such data will be decentralized and stored on a distributed ledger without any possibility of retroactive changes.